T2A GK OmniPOS Ramp-up Consulting Training

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The trainees get an overview of the GK Solution Portfolio incl. an intro to the GK cloud architecture. Trainees will be enabled to handle service and administrative functions hosted at the GK Launchpad incl. a demo of the central configuration tool GK Enterprise Storemanager. The focus of the training is on the configuration of checkout and financial processes provided by SAP Omnichannel POS by GK in a cloud environment. Remark: T2AOnl incl. the content of the training block “T1 – Basic Function Overview”.

Target group Functional Consultant
Technical Consultant

Day 1

  • Introduction to training procedure (Training Setup, Cloud POS Client, GK GK Employee Hub )
  • Building Block, Trainee Story and Q&A: GK Solution Portfolio – GK The Retail Innovators

Day 2

  • Building Block and Q&A: GK Enterprise Store Manager
  • Building Block, Trainee Story and Q&A: GK Employee Hub, Master Data, Transactions & Monitoring

Day 3

  • Building Block, Trainee Story and Q&A:
    Menu Editor and Functional Configuration

Day 4

  • Building Block, Trainee Story and Q&A:  
    Graphical Customer Display |Setup Peripheral Devices |Receipt Management
  • Optional Building Block: GK Central Promotion Designer

Day 5

  • Building Block, Trainee Story and Q&A:
    App Enablement Configuration |Configure Barcode Processor | User Management and Authorization at OmniPOS 

Day 6

  • Building Block, Trainee Story and Q&A:
    Setup Initial Data Containers for OmniPOS | Cash Cycle | POS Server Reports

Online Live session – Introduction and Q&A
At the beginning of the training there will be an introduction session. The trainer and trainees can introduce themselves and the trainer will present the training schedule and explain the procedure.

An Online Q&A Session is scheduled on daily base. The trainer can answer open questions of the respective topics in the video. Furthermore, they can talk about the task packages and clarify or repeat special parts of the tasks.

Depending on the time-zone the trainer is also reachable via MS Teams Chat during the execution of the task packages.

Learning Blocks for each topic
The trainees can review a set of videos that belong logically to one topic. Afterwards they have the chance to practice the exercises based on the task package provided by the trainer.

For the duration of the training, trainees get access to the GK Demo Cloud environment incl. a local POS Client installation.

Certification Test
The training will close with a Certification test based on the building blocks of the training.



Remark Training Procedure

Trainees are free in the choice when and how long they consume the video content and trainee stories. GK Academy recommends scheduling enough time to go once through the video content, execute the exercises and review the content if needed e.g. in the downloaded presentations – this will be more or less a full time training.


7 days

Please note:
The schedule of the training is individually planned with respect to time zone differences. The training T2AOnl SAP Omnichannel POS by GK can have a duration between 6 and 10 working days, depending on the trainees demand. Videos and Online Live sessions vary depending on time zone.

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