T1 GK CLOUD4RETAIL: Functional Platform Overview

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The trainees get a demo of the GK Solution Portfolio incl. an intro to the GK cloud architecture. The focus depends on the project scope. Trainees will get a demo of service and administrative functions hosted at the GK Launchpad incl. the central configuration tool GK Enterprise Storemanager. The focus of the Training is to prepare the trainees for Project Workshops which reflects the specific project solution and processes.

Target group Project Leader
Project Members – Business and IT

The agenda will be aligned depending on the project scope – see the following example:


Day 1

GK Solution Portfolio – GK The Retail Innovators             

  • GK Services and Touchpoints
  • GK Solution Portfolio
  • e.g. serviced & self service checkout, specific vertical Solutions, store inventory management, mobile office, label printing.
  • Classic POS – checkout and financial processes
  • App Enablement - Non-invasive integration
  • Architecture - One Platform, flexible deployments
  • Examples of configuration use cases Menu Editor, Functional Configuration, Graphical Customer Display, Receipt Management



Day 2

GK Enterprise Store Manager

  • Global Configurations
  • System Types
  • Configuration Service
  • Enterprise Structure


GK Employee Hub, Master Data, Transactions & Monitoring basics

Procedure Online Live session
The trainer presents the content incl. the demo in a live session delivered with MS Teams. Trainees can raise questions during the training.
Duration 2 days
Contact GK Academy